Posted on: April 27, 2009 4:58 pm

Bills Draft Analysis

I am from the school of thought that the offensive line is the key to success in the NFL.  If you have a great offensive line, you can dictate things to the competition.  You can dictate time of possession, you can suck a defense in to defending the run and switching to a pass play and vice versa.   If an NFL team has an elite offensive line and a decent defense, they have a shot at the playoffs.  We have seen that with the Ravens championship run, where Dilfer managed his way to a super bowl win.

With that being said, an offensive line is about cohesion, chemistry and time spent together.  That is why you can not assemble a line of free agent acquisitions and role players and turn them into a real unit in 1 year.  it just doesn't happen.

This is why I wanted the Bills to go with the best offensive lineman available in 3 of their first 4 picks.  I know that is a lot to ask for, when the team has defensive needs, but the O-line is what makes a team go.

The Bills did take 2 offensive linemen with their first 4 picks, so they were close to achieving my aspirations, but no left tackle?  That one puzzles me.

Overall, they focused on the O-line (and did well from the early results) and were able to get a pass rusher to help shore up that need.

They need to find the players, put them at the position that best suits their talents and let them go through the growing pains.  They need to stick to their decisions.  That may lead to a tough early season (or entire season), but if the line can mature together, I believe they will be looking good in 2-3 years.  

They are headed in the right direction, just a wee bit on the slow side. 
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Posted on: November 21, 2008 3:08 pm

The Bills Must Beat KC.....

This is a must win for the Bills, period.  If this team holds any hope of making the playoffs this year, it starts now.  KC will be no push over, as they are playing well right now and their QB is getting experience and confidence.

The Chiefs are getting better, while the Bills are getting worse.  For Buffalo to turn their season into a success, they will have to win a minimum of 4 of their final 6 games.  if that happens, there is no guarentee of the playoffs, as they have lost 3 stright division games and will loose tie breakers at this point.

This is a very winnable game for Buffalo.  In my opinion, the Bills offensive line has completely under performed on their run blocking schemes and their pass protection has actually worsened as the season has progressed (which is the reverse of what should happen).

The Chiefs are a confident bunch who may have something in Thigpen, where the Bills seem to have lost their focus.  It is up to Dick Jauron to get his troops re-focused and get back to the basics that got them off to the 4-0 start.

The defensive injuries have not helped Buffalo, as some of ytheir best players on that side of the ball have faced the injury bug all season (Schobel, Whitner, Stroud, and Mcgee) and have proved painfiul.  No matter what, playoff teams are able to overcome injuries and still win.  This will be a true gut check for the Bills.  Do not count KC out in this one.


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Posted on: September 16, 2008 2:13 pm

Buffalo / Oakland

This game appears to be a story of two teams heading in opposite directions.  Lane Kiffin is standing on very thin ice ( I believe Al Davis is nearing senility) and Dick Jauron finally proving himself as a solid NFL head coach.

However, these two long time AFC /AFL rivals are both coming off wins last week and are going in with different mind sets.  The Bills finally beat a true playoff team and are looking to go 3-0 and the Raiders are hoping to continue a solid ground attack and keep Kiffin employed for another week.

At first glance, most would think that Buffalo should roll the Raiders without much of a fight.  As most Bills fans know, the games you are supposed to win are the ones that sometimes slip away.  The Bills have had a penchant for loosing this type of game in the past and then roiling about the loss and it's effects afterward.  Buffalo's defense must control Darren McFadden, period.  Demarcus Russell has been looking more like a high school JV QB, more than anything else lately and the Bills should blitz him at every passing opportunity.  The Bills must put 8 men in the box and force Russell to beat them.  If they don't let D-Mac get going they should win this thing walking away.

The Raiders have the possibility (if McFaden gets loose) of keeping the Bills offense off the field and wearing down the, so far stoudt, Buffalo D.  I believe that this is the Raiders only hope.  However, if the Bills go into this game taking Oakland lightly, it could happen.  It is an unlikely scenario, as Dick Jauron seems to have this team properly motivated and prepared.

The likely outcome for this game is a Buffalo blowout of the Raiders.  The Buffalo fans will be fired up, the team seems to be firing on all cylinders and it would appear that the only thing that can stop the Bills this weekend is the Bills themselves.  As long as they don't become too full of themselves, this should be a big "W" for Buffalo and a goodbye to poor Lane Kiffin (It's really not his fault).

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